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Episode 58 Rena chats with Kristal Denise Garcia “Self Love is a Priority”

February 9, 2021

Kristal Denise Garcia is a speaker, podcaster, and "Self Love Coach" she is a thriving survivor of physical/psychological/sexual abuse and trauma including covert sex trafficking incorrectly labeled ‘sex work’, C-PTSD and homelessness.

"Life did not seem to love me, or so I thought. Loving myself felt like a fantasy, something I did not deserve and could only experience by watching others, surely I couldn’t embody such love. I watched those who loved themselves, like a child with her nose pressed against a Christmas window witnessing magic beyond my grasp. But Self Love is not magic and it’s not beyond our grasp, it exists right now in this moment within each of us simply waiting for us to embrace ourselves and remember."


For more information about Kristal please visit her site below:



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