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Episode 67 “Intimacy and Sex After Trauma | Rena Romano | Suzanne Isaza | Dr. Vanessa Guyton

August 26, 2021

This is a Powerful honest look at the endless positive possibilities of intimacy and sex after trauma!

YES, YOU CAN enjoy intimacy and sex after trauma. It is important for survivors to be in a healthy place, before sharing with a partner their child sexual abuse or assault. Communication, honesty, and boundaries are key for a survivor to enjoy intimacy and sex. 


Suzanne Isaza is a sur-THRIVER® of Incest and an educator on the topic of incest and sexual violence since 2014. She is the Founder of the Sexual Assault Advocacy Network (SAAN), and Creator of Incest AWARE.  A Grant writer, consultant, author, and outspoken advocate.


Dr. Vanessa Guyton is  a sur-THRIVER® of Military Sexual Assault, and the Founder and Executive Director of HUSH No More. She provides community training, and supports Survivor of the HUSH Topics. 


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